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  • Stage 1 filters out sediment with a 5 micron pre-filter.
  • Stage 2 removes chlorine with natural oxidation media.
  • Stage 3 enhances taste and clarity with bituminous charcoal.
  • No wasted water or electrical required.
  • 6 years between filter changes!
  • Virtually no maintenance.
  • 7 gallon per minute flow rate means no loss of water pressure!


EQ-300 Central Filtration System



With the Rhino® Whole House Water Filtration System, you can enjoy bottled water quality throughout your entire home, in your showers, sinks, bathtubs, washing machines, and dishwashers.


The Rhino® Central Filtration System is designed to be virtually maintenance free for 3 full years. No costly service calls or agreements just replace the main filter unit once every 3 years / 300,000 gallons (1,162,500 liters) for great tasting healthy water on tap… always!


Effectively filters out chlorine, synthetic chemicals, bad taste, and odor from municipally treated tap water as it enters your home. This patented multistage filtration process directs the water through 4 stages of filtration for optimum quality and performance. Each Rhino EQ-300 system comes complete with an installation kit, ball valve and pre-filter for easy service and to prevent sediment from entering the system.


This deluxe, high-capacity unit should be installed by a licensed plumber to insure proper installation. Normal installation is 1-2 hours.


The Rhino® EQ-300 Whole House Water Filter has completed three years of evaluation by Underwriters Laboratories. The product, the factory and all performance claims are certified by UL under the strictest industry guidelines.


Beware of companies that claim certified components vs. a certified product.
If the product itself is not certified, you have no way of knowing what you are getting!

The most valuable home appliance you can own!


Stage 1 is 5 micron sediment pre-filter for the removal of sediment, rust and debris that can clog or impare the main filter unit.


Stage 2 is a blend of KDF-55, a copper/zinc oxidation media for the removal of chlorine, and a crushed mineral filter stone. By removing the chlorine and pre-conditioning the water, this stage allows maximum performance from the final stages.


Stage 3 is a 20/50 mesh coconut shell carbon for maximum reduction of synthetic chemicals... VOCs, THMs and SOCs. Contains a large granule bituminous activated carbon for improved filtration. This media is recognized by the U.S. E.P.A. as the “Best available technology for the water filtration.


Stage 4 is a 12/40 mesh bituminous carbon media as a final polishing stage to enhance purity, clarity and taste. Contains a small granule coconut shell based activated carbon for an expanded surface area, which provides the highest reaction kinetics, and absorptive capacity.




Whole House Water Filter - Ten Facts


  1. The EQ-300, as of January 22, 2004, holds the highest capacity certification (300,000 gallons) of any filter system currently on the market. That means the EQ-300 has been proven to last longer than any other filter unit. The EQ-300 is also the only whole house filter unit with any certification, whatsoever.

  2. The EQ-300 will perform similarly to a standard water softener, without adding unhealthy and unnecessary sodium to your drinking water. It is guaranteed to remove calcium, iron, and other hardening agents down to 5 microns, while retaining healthy mineral deposits.

  3. The EPA has stated that "Every home in America has an elevated level of chloroform gas [in the air] due to the vaporization of chlorine... from tap and shower water." Chloroform gas can cause and/or aggravate respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis. The EQ-300 is guaranteed to remove chlorine from water, at the point of entry, greatly improving the overall air quality within the home.

  4. Besides chlorine, calcium, and iron, the EQ-300 is certified to remove odors, bad tastes, and sediment. We know from calculus, the amount of carbon, the water flow rate, and the design of the system, that the Rhino EQ-300 will remove >90% of VOCs and SOCs, as well as chlorine. Lead will also be significantly reduced, but you need to keep in mind that your house is going to reintroduce lead to your water (through corrosion of lead pipes). Thus, the AQ-4000 drinking water filter is still recommended.

  5. The EQ-300 is the best, most effective shower filter system available. An ordinary shower filter can remove only limited amounts of contaminants, because it must filter at extreme temperatures. The EQ-300, however, is guaranteed to remove >99% of many of the most dangerous water contaminants, because it filters at lower water temperatures and is large enough to allow for the needed contact time with the filtration media to produce water with non-detectable levels of those contaminants.

  6. Though far better than nothing, simply using a shower filter and drinking water filter system are not perfect means of protecting your family from the dangers of water contamination. In a perfect world, all families would use a whole house filter and a drinking water system. A dishwasher, with normal use, will release more chloroform gas into the air than any other water source in the house, excepting the shower. A whole house water filter system is the only filter that can remove dangerous contaminants from dishwashing water.

  7. Because it does not remove the healthy minerals in water during the filtration process, the EQ-300 raises the pH balance of drinking water to approximately 7.5, depending upon water conditions. Acidic drinking water (with a pH balance below 7.0) has been shown to cause mineral deficiencies in teeth and bones.

  8. The EQ-300 uses an innovative four-stage filtration process for optimum contaminant removal. This process capitalizes on mechanical filtration, redox, and adsorptive filtration techniques to chemically remove chlorine, VOCs, and other, more elusive water contaminants.

  9. The EQ-300 uses KDF-55, which is a copper and zinc alloy that is certified to remove dangerous heavy metals from water, such as arsenic, cadmium, mercury, nickel, and titanium. Exposure to these heavy metals can result in kidney damage, skin irritation, and increased risk of cancer. These metals leach into water sources through natural erosion and are generally not removed by municipal water treatment plants.

  10. The EQ-300 promises benefits for laundry and dishwashing. Not only does the EQ-300 reduce the amount of chloroform gas that is released into the air by the washing machine and dishwasher, it also removes chlorine and VOCs that could become embedded in clothing and reduces the amount of detergent that must be used by these appliances.


Drink, shower, bathe ... LIVE in pure, healthy water!



EQ-300 Performance Data Sheet


EQ-300 Underwriters Lab Reports 1,2,3,4


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