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Secure Back Wash Filter System SBWF 1


The filter is made from 4 different layer Melt-Blown PP (1μm, 5μm, 10μm and 25μm). This design will smoothen water flow and prolong filter life span with a simple turn mechanism to perform backwash operation. Secure Filter's maintenance doesn't require any special tools or assistance from technician. It is always an economic choice.



















To Wash Filter :

  1. Turn Body anti- clockwise direction.

  2. Let the dirty water run out from the WASH

  3. Once you see clean water running through,
    turn back the filter (clockwise).


To Change Filter Cartridge :

  1. Turn off water supply.

  2. Turn body anti clockwise direction, the
    pressure and water inside will be released

  3. Open the top cover. Change the filter cartridge.

  4. Close back top caver.

  5. Lock back filter in a clockwise direction. Filter ready for use.