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PSB-3 Bottles Filtration


PSB-3 Sport Filtration provide a means to obtain pure, filtered water in a portable unit, effectively removing chlorine, lead, heavy metals, tastes, and odors. The Bottle filtration received NSF Standard 42 & 53, Class 1 performance certification. This is the highest certifiable level.


The Bottle Filtration offers the best quality of water with the Convenience and economy of tap water!


This unique product allows you to use any tap water source and have great tasting, healthy filtered water. Great for the office, school, gym, shopping, travel or anywhere!

The replaceable filter cartridge removes lead, chlorine and chemical contaminants for 40 gallons/ 60days.


This is a must product for everyone!

Comes with 3 filter cartridges for 6 month supply, each filter filtered out 40 gallons (155 liters).