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Product Review -- Rhino Whole House Water Filter


A couple of years ago, I set out to make a change regarding the water filtration in our home. I wanted a system that would remove impurities and toxins from our drinking and bath water. Two major concerns of mine were chlorine and fluoride. I didnít want my children drinking water tainted with fluoride and certainly not chlorine. I didnít even want them to bathe in chlorine, and I knew it wasnĎt good for hubby and me to shower in on a regular basis. I decided that getting a filter for the entire house instead of multiple filters would probably be the most cost efficient and started out to find the best one. It wasnít long until I discovered the Rhino Whole House Filter by Aquasana (EQ 300), but I was hesitant about spending a large amount of money without doing my homework. I was impressed with what I read and ended up purchasing the product. Iíll share a few of the reasons why I like this system and feel comfortable recommending it.

Extremely Effective and Well-Documented

I feel great knowing that my family is drinking and showering in water thatís 99% free of chlorine and other toxins. Chlorine is a big concern of mine because it has been linked to several forms of cancer, and many scientists believe that one actually absorbs more chlorine from taking a hot shower or bath than from drinking chlorinated tap water. Toxins are released via the steam from your shower as well as your washing machine. According to the EPA, "Every household in America, on municipally treated water, has an elevated level of chloroform gas in the air, specifically from showering, washing dishes, washing clothes, and flushing toilets." Lead and fluoride are other concerns in addition to volatile organic chemicals and microorganisms that are often found in tap water. The claims made by Aquasana about this water filter and its ability to remove impurities have been verified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc (a trusted source for product compliance) and the documentation to prove this can be found on the website.


Affordable and Eco-Friendly

I felt that having a whole house filter would be more eco-friendly (not to mention more convenient) than buying bottled water. I also found that, when compared to buying water on a regular basis, the Rhino Whole House Filter by Aquasana was actually extremely affordable, costing only about 50 cents a day. The inexpensive sediment cartridges only need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months, with the more expensive unit being replaced only once every three years. Since getting this filter, we have saved a lot of money because we no longer need to purchase bottled water, not to mention the fact that the bottled water industry barely regulated. We also save money because use less detergent when doing dishes and laundry because the water is a bit softer.

Backed Up with a One Year Warranty

The Rhino comes with a one year warranty when installed by a professional plumber. This guarantee gave us peace of mind, knowing that we could return it if necessary. Weíve had the filter for more than a year, and it has worked well for us. Aquasana also offers an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee.


So what are the disadvantages? We really havenít noticed any. The water pressure hasn't decreased, and our drinking water tastes and smells great. One thing to note is that the unit cannot withstand freezing temperatures, so keep that in mind when you choose a place to install it.



Jan Zeiger
BellaOnline's Natural Living Editor