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Accessories/Sensor (for L-2000)
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SecureSmith Junior
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G'ARD L-2000


G'ARD alarm system uses a wireless technology. It utilizes the UHF frequencies for data transfer and these UHF frequencies are much secured and widely used in aviation communications system. Due to its wireless capability, it is widely use in ready home whereby no wiring are needed and this made installation easy. G'ARD products are flexible and upgradable and expandable in design to meet current and future requirements without having to scrap and purchase new equipments. The advantage of a wireless system makes it even more convenient to install. Our entire products comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.






SecureSmith Junior / SecureSmith EZ


SecureSmith Junior or SecureSmith EZ provides safety, convenience and  comfort for every client - not just at your home or your business but  wherever you go. Control of the SecureSmith system's functions are always
at your fingertips!


SecureSmith is an award winning integrated intelligent security system designed specifically for the home and business.






SecureSmith Junior                SecureSmith EZ