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UltraFiltration Membrane, Principles of Ultrafiltration


Ultrafiltration (UF) is an important water purification technology used for production of high-purity water. UF is effective in the removal of colloids, proteins, bacteria, pyrogens (e.g. gram-negative bacterial endotoxins), and other organic molecules larger than .01 Micron size.



Basic Principles of Ultrafiltration


Ultrafiltration is a pressure-driven purification process in which water and low molecular weight substances permeate a membrane while particles, colloids, and macromolecules are filtered. The primary removal mechanism is size exclusion. A properly designed UF cartridge allows efficient rising of ionic redidue from the cleaning and rapidly returns to optimal resistivity and organic purity (see figures 1 and 2). Reagent-grade sodium hydroxide has proven to be and effective cleaning agent with the following benefits:


  • Effective bacterial destruction

  • Effective depyrogenation (endotoxin reduction)

  • Efficient destruction of organic contamination

  • Reduced occurence of chemical by-product formation

  • Minimal residue of chemical interference

  • Economical and easy-to-use cleaning age