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 G'ARD L-2000 Wireless Alarm System uses the state of art microprocessor for data processing. The  wireless transmission which transmits on UHF wave frequency is very easy to install and configure. This creates an advantage against the wired system with no messy wirings and wall hackings.  All transmissions are wireless making it virtually impossible to hardwire the system. Due to its long transmitting range of up to 50 meters, this system is ideal for home and commercial use. The large zone capability allows user to install up to 128 independent detectors making it one of the most advance wireless alarm system in the market. Its built in soundcard allows the system to advise user on  break-in through telephone making it reliable, safe and low maintenance system.




  • State of art wireless alarm system with built-in microprocessor.

  • 9 Preset auto-dialer when alarm activated (automatically dial to owner, guardhouse, management office etc) informing which zone activated and house.

  • Remote access - arming/disarming, monitoring by telephone/mobile.

  • 3 X Remote Control for Arming/Disarming.

  • 128 Zone access (sensors)

  • Large LCD Display with electro blue backlight

  • Built in Siren

  • Built in back up battery (UPS)

  • Clear voice advising on home situation (fire, break-in, gas etc)

  • Long distance monitoring (through phone)

  • Employ latest manufacturing standards ISO 9001:2000 certified

  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • Supported sensors:                

                                       Door/window sensor

                                       Infrared sensor

                                       Vibration sensor

                                       Gas sensor

                                       Smoke sensor

                                       Glass break sensor

                                       Photo Beam sensor, etc


Wireless Alarm Accessories/Sensor:



     Single Magnetic        Passive Infrared (PIR)        Vibration Sensor          Solar Power Wireless Siren


More Accessories/Sensor