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SecureSmith Junior


SecureSmith Junior provides safety, convenience and comfort for every client -   not just at your home or your business but wherever you go. Control of the   SecureSmith system's functions are always at your fingertips!


SecureSmith is an award winning integrated intelligent security system designed specifically for the home and business.







SecureSmith Junior is a user friendly security system designed specifically for home users.

Ease of use, and simplicity of control are the priorities in the design of SecureSmith Junior. With the optional  wireless 4-button handheld commander / keyfob, you can control up to 8 preset automation or security functions by  a simple press of the button. You can control your SecureSmith Junior system by remote access via telephone  (PSTN)or by mobile phone. With the state-of-the-art technology incorporated into SecureSmith Junior, (SSJR- 8WCA) the system is able to support hybrid security module interfaces. Users can opt for wired or wireless security  solutions depending on their needs.

With our proprietary modern Digital Radio Frequency (D-RF) functionality, securing your home perimeter can be  done wirelessly - reducing the hassle of additional hard wiring for security sensors.

SecureSmith Junior offers four (4) automation points built onto the panel. With this convenient and yet powerful  feature, users will able to automate their air conditioners, certain room or side lights and other appropriate electrical  appliances without the additional costs of I/O (Input / Output) controllers. SecureSmith Junior offers five (5) different  arming modes. These flexible functions allow users to select and customize the preferred arming method for their  premise - with functioning either during day or night time, or even while away on vacations - all without hassle. SecureSmith Junior offers digital sensitivity controls which minimize false alerts that can be triggered by hair-trigger  sensors.



Hybrid security zone (Wire & Wireless)
  • SecureSmith Junior System can use an original wired security zone and wireless security zone in a same time.
  • Wireless is providing an easy to install and convenience to use.


    Away or home mode surveillance selectable
  • Away mode will protect the zones you had enabled, home mode can by pass some of the in door zones and keep protect the other security zone.


    Built in auto dialer
  • SecureSmith Junior System will dial out to the owner or CMS if the system is getting an intrusion alert, other feature like power failure dial out or etc


    Call in remote control
  • User can by call to the SecureSmith Junior System to monitor your house security status, control your home automation device.


    PC interface communication
  • SecureSmith Junior is provided a user-friendly interface software (SecureSmith Junior Configuration Software) for user to change a setting of the system or monitor all the system information.
  • User can use this SecureSmith Junior Configuration Software and SecureSmith Junior Remote Client Software to doing an Internet remote access.


    Wired zone sensitivity adjustment
  • SecureSmith Junior System are allow user to adjust the wired zone sensitivity to avoid the false alarm event.


    Programmable alert event
  • User can define every single zone properties (Like Enable, Home Mode by Pass, Invert Logic, Trigger Delay or etc) by your require.


    Programmable on demand event
  • User can define if the zone is trigger and turn on some automation device.


    Beeping feedback for every zone and action
  • Beeping feedback is through the phone or speaker for acknowledgement
  • Built in G-lop automation transmission feature
  • Built in Lightning arrester
  • Built in backup battery
  • CMS compatible
  • Doorbell feature (optional)
  • iNix wireless receiver system (optional)



    Model Number : SSJR-22

    System Design
    System Design Multiple Micro Controllers
    System Prompt Built in Beep Tone Feedback
    Software Link up SecureSmith Junior Configuration Software (with RS232 Interface)
    Expansion Module Support
    (Maximum 4 Expansion Module)
    IR Keypad Module or Junior LED Keypad
    Automation 4 G-lop(s)
    Operation Temperature 0C ~ 50C
    Enclosure ABS Plastic
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 300 x 310 x 77 mm
    Battery Charging System Internal Electronic Controller
    Battery Over Discharge Protection Yes
    Voltage Surge Protection Telephone & Power (275V RMS voltage clamping)


    Power requirement Approximate 16V DC Regulated
    Power consumption 2W
    Backup Battery 12V 7.2AH


    Security Zone
    Zone Input 8 / 16
    Security Zone Type Hybrid (Wired and Wireless)
    24hr Zone (Permanent Arm) Yes
    Sensor Logic Normal Open or Normal Close
    Sensitivity Control Digital Control


    Wireless System
    Maximum of Wireless Transmitter 128 unit
    Cover Distance 60M (Line of Sight)


    Input & Output
    Siren Output Yes
    Strobe Light Yes
    Internal Phone Yes
    Buzzer Output Yes
    Telephone Priority Control Yes
    External DC Output 12V 800mA Max


    System Reporting
    System Reporting Auto dial-Out To User on Events
    Dialing Method DTMF Tone OR Pulse Dial
    Center Up-link I-CMS/ Contact ID
    Max. Telephone Num. Support 1 CMS number and 2 User Numbers