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Mykey 2300


The Mykey 2300 Digital Door Lock is an advanced digital lock that will replace your deadbolt and utilizes two forms of secure entry:

  • Using an encrypted RFID smart key programmed into the system

  • Using a unique PIN code system.

What does this mean to you?

  • No more old-fashioned key rings to worry about.

  • No more lost keys that you have to go make again.

  • If you lose the smart key, you donít have to change your door locks like old fashioned locks. Simply reprogram the smart keys in your possession and it will delete the lost smart key from the system.

  • Forgot the smart key, then use your PIN code to access your home.

  • PIN code system can be programmed with a PIN between 3-20 digits. Once set, you can add a layer of security by inputting imaginary numbers before the real PIN is entered. For example, if your PIN is 12345, when you go to enter the PIN and if someone is with you, you can type in 093212345 and it will open the door without having to reveal your real PIN. As long as the PIN is the last digits in the sequence.

  • You will always have the ability to easily reprogram your PIN at any time.

Highlights of the Mykey 2300 digital lock:


One Touch Open/Close function from inside.
This is easy for everyone to use. No need to twist or turn un-greased deadbolts. Simply press the open/close button and the door unlocks itself.

Self illuminated keypads.
The external keypad is housed within a cover and when the cover is opened from the outside, the keypad lights up in a bright easy to view hyper blue. No more having to find the keyhole in the darkness with your old key and lock method.

Smart key RFID Tag.
With the Mykey 2300, you can simply wave your smart key and the reader will pick up the tag and unlock the door. No more fumbling with keys at any time of the day or night. Lose your smart key? Simply reprogram the other smart key and itíll delete the lost one and you have the security that no one will find the key and be able to get in your home. With the old fashioned key, if someone finds the key, the only way to ensure with 100% confidence is to change your lock completely. With the Mykey 4000r, you will never have to worry about that. If you need more smart keys, you can purchase more from us.

PIN Code system.
With the PIN Code system, it adds another layer of convenience and security. Forget your smart key somewhere, no worries, you wonít be locked out of your house. The PIN combination is easy to change whenever you want. It can be between 3 to 20 digits long. And you can always input a fake group of numbers before the real PIN sequence for added security if you have someone with you.

Auto-lock function.
One great convenient function is the auto-lock feature. The door ALWAYS automatically locks itself after 6 seconds of the door being closed. Gone are the days of wondering if youíve locked the door at night or when you leave the house. The lock auto-locks itself by default and this feature can be disabled by easily programming the door.

System runs on 4 Alkaline AA batteries and the batteries are included with the package. This is convenient because if it was linked with your electricity and thereís a power outage, you donít have to worry about the lock being disabled. Its on its own separate power source. The estimated lifespan of the batteries is about 1 year if lock is used about 10 times per day. An alert will sound if the batteries are running low giving you a warning and allowing you to change the batteries ahead of time.

Easy recharge if batteries die or fail.
Simply placing a 9V battery at the bottom of the keypad will automatically recharge the system and allow for entry. Your smart key and PIN number will not be lost even if you allow the batteries to die.

Extra Security Features.
All functions will be disabled for 30 seconds if incorrect password is entered more than 3 times by mistake. Also if there is extraneous force on the lock at anytime where someone is trying to kick in the door hard, then an alarm will sound as well. There is also a switch on the inside of the lock, that if turned on, it will disable all forms of entry. This is convenient for night time so when everyone is inside, you can disable the entry methods so even if someone has the smart key or PIN code, they will not be able to get in.


What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification is a type of automated identification system. An RFID system has two essential components, an RFID reader and a digital memory chip (tag). When a system is activated, the chip is setup to be recognized by the RFID reader allowing the RFID reader to decode the signal provided by the chip and processes information accordingly.

For this Mykey Digital Door Lock system, its equipped with the reader also known as an interrogator. This is mounted on the door. The chips are housed in a plastic tag which is read by the interrogator when passed in front of it. The chips are ISO 14443 RFID tags encoded with a 40-bit encryption ID.

FD - 2300
DC 6V (Alkaline AA X 4)
Battery lifespan
1 year (if used 10 times per day)
Die Casting (Zinc, Aluminum)
Memory (No. of cards)
1 ~ 50 cards (6 included)
Ideal door thickness
1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


ďPreviously, when I used a normal lock, on several occasion, I actually forgot to take my keys from the door keyhole and left them hanging outside overnight without realizing it. With my new lock, I would not need to worry anymore because there are no keys or keyhole. Also, I never have to worry if the door is locked as it locks every time it shuts in the Automatic Locking mode.Ē
-  Mohd Azrin, Punggol


ďI purchased two MyKey 2300 locks for my new home. The installation instructions were very easy to follow and the installation itself was a breeze. The locks work great. I stashed the supplied RFID keys in several places including my watch band, the glove boxes of our cars, our cell phones, my wallet, etc. so I'm never without a key handy.  The auto-locking feature is great because now my wife and I can just close the door and go, listening to the little chirp that says that the door is locked. When we had contractors in the house, it was a snap to temporarily turn off the auto-locking feature, and boy was the builder impressed! The MyKey 2300 is a neat toy, a great convenience, and a fantastic lock!Ē  -  Daniel Einspanjer, Salem, NH, USA