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HomGard DDL-300



  1. Voice guide function firstly invented in the world. HomGard kindly guides you the important atters by human voice.

    Voice Message
    Open door by password
    Open door by i-Button
    "It's opened"
    Door locked externally
    Door locked internally
    Door does not open with 7seconds after pressing password or i-Button
    "It's locked"
    Wrong password(up to 3 times)
    "Please try again"
    When Reset, S/E(Stard/End) button is pressed while the dual lock is activated (rear side)
    When inputting wrong password 3 times(within 3 minutes)
    When placing double lock to "Lock"
    "It's intercepted"
    Battery runs out
    "Please change the battery"


  2. Open and input by password
    Open door by password and input password by 4 to 12 digits to be changeable from time to time.

  3. On touch opening and locking
    Open or lock door by only one motion of handle.

  4. For combination use of both left and right side door opening and internal and external door opening.
    HomGard can be installed without additional device under any status of  door and may be used for combination use.

  5. Automatic door relocking.
    When you do not open the door within 7 seconds after operation of the password or i-button, the door is relocked automatically.

  6. Very simpe installation
    HomGard is so simple to replace or install itself as it uses the existing door lock position.

  7. Double lock
    Improve the overall safety by using the dual-lock function. Internal door lock is installedin double to guarantee safety.

  8. Fun-proof and burglar-proof
    All operation will stop for 3 minutes when someone continue to try open door by wrong password or input password number more than 3 times (within 3 minutes) for fun.
  9. Battery replacement timing alarm
    Time to change batteries by human voice when batteries run out. Voice announcement will let users know the timing for battery replacement.

  10. Beautiful design
    Compact size, slim design and beautiful appearance may make door lock more elegant.

  11. Automatic / Manual Change function
    For combination use of Automatic lock mode and Manual lock mode
    Closing will be automatically re-lock in the Automatic mode.
    When there's a frequent stream of coming in and going out, you can change to the Manual lock mode.
    Manual lock mode maintains unlock condition, and it's more convenient for users.

  12. KS (Korean Standards) key box.
    Quality, safety and reliability of digital lock can be improved by key box with Korean Standards.

  13. Strong body
    HomGard has been strongly manufactured by die casting in metal to protect its external structure from being broken.
    Even if its exterior part is broken, door does not open.


DDL-300Seires Specifications

Doorlocks for APT, LAB and Office etc.
Power Supply
DC6V(Alkaline AA size 1.5V x 4)
Size(Unit : mm)
External : 71 x 153 x 33(W x H x D)
Internal : 145 x 100 x 40(W x H x D)

Die Casting (Zinc, Aluminum)

Battery lifespan
1 year (if used 10 times per day)
CMOS Microcontroller
1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty